Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Together To A Far Land

 Swapna used to sit in first row, in college. A serious, studious kind of girl. A perfect example of front bencher. She was a women of few phrase. Never spoke much to anyone and never did anyone tried to infiltrate into her little perfect world of silence. She was also our class representative. Few semesters passed and she still remained a mystery that no one wanted to pay attention to.

It was seventh semester of my engineering. We were approaching end of semester. She used to live close to my house and we traveled in the same college bus. As my attendance was short for the semester, I had to attend college every day, while everyone was busy with their exam preparations and project work. She also used to come to class despite of having very good attendance. Only few students used to come to attend the class.

I used to ask her for help and she would happily respond. She would help me in learning the concepts and even clear the silliest of my doubts. We soon became good friends and would go to college together. Then exams came and on the days of exam too, she would help me and share the topics that were important as per her. I got a pretty decent score in that semester.

It was our final semester and many of us were desperately looking for a job, few were planning for further studies, while few were planning to join their parental business. Swapna and I used to look for jobs and placement related events. We went to a lot of placement events, in many of which we got placed but the jobs were too less paying or wasn’t at all related to our field i.e. engineering. Finally the diligence paid off. We both got jobs in good companies with a decent pay.

We completed our engineering. The four years of fun came to an end and now we were out there in the unknown world.  Before leaving for my posted location I met my friends and Swapna. When I met her she had tears in her eyes. I asked what happened. “We are not going to meet again, right?” She said. “We will surely meet”, I said. “Why we can’t always be together, do we need to separate? We are two different individuals but see how perfect we are together. Look at that rose, will it be that beautiful, if it is not going to have those thorns. If they can be together, why can’t we be? “ I just hugged her and we stayed that way for few minutes. We were now officially in a relationship.

For initial months, the conversations were full of love and we enjoyed this new found love between us. We enjoyed our little fights but would sort it out soon. As months passed by our fights got intense and romance got thrown out of the window. We both got busy in our lives and job and were not able to give proper time to our relationship. Whenever we talked, we only fought. Nothing seemed right and the relationship seemed nothing but a mistake.

It was until my college friends came with a plan of trip cum get together. We all needed time for ourselves to get out of the boring routine of corporate life. We went to a place called Harishareshwar beach, close to Pune. The beach was not crowded and water was clean. There were few more beaches there like Diveagar, Shreevardhan. Their beauty was just impeccable.

At night Swapna and I went for a stroll on the beach. We talked, laughed, pulled each other’s leg and it all seemed as if we never had any fights. It seemed like a perfect relationship. It was full moon, we looked into each other’s eyes and we both knew, we have found our moment of togetherness.
I just hugged her and haven’t let her go since then. It’s been 5 years and we celebrate our togetherness every day. Every year we go to some natural place where we can enjoy each other’s company in lap of nature without any shackles of the digital world and celebrate our togetherness.

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