Saturday, 18 April 2015

Dare To Dream

Dare to Dream
Many a times in our life we think about bringing change into the society and make this world a better place to live. Many make big statements as if they are next Mandela or mother Teresa but they forget one simple thing that Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see around.” For many bringing that change in their life is what seems most difficult but when they start to bring that change in their life that is when they realize that change is indeed refreshing.

It was summer of 69, not the year 1969 but that summer when my 12th standard result came I scored 69%. I was ok with the percentage that I got. I took admission in an average engineering college. In the buffer period in which I had to join the college after 12th I started writing web contents for a local company. I like reading the random stuff and the contents were as random as my reading content. It became food of my thoughts and made me more inquisitive. I liked writing and even liked it more when I got paid for it. Soon my college started and the contents that I wrote soon became folder that I would not open.

In 6th semester I participated in college level prose writing competition and won consolation prize. It felt good and bad at the same time. I was disappointed of the fact that I was not able to create the content quickly on the topic that was given to me. But like everyone else that phase also passed and again I got involved in the studies. After that I got placed in a company from college. Joined that job and successful completed my training but was kept on bench and that is when I indulged into that activity of writing and starting having fun tapping the keyboard and earning extra bucks for it.

Few of my friends suggested me to go for freelance writing and at first I did not pay attention to it but created an account on one of the freelancing websites and uploaded my skills and sample articles that I had written previously.

After two weeks of creating the account I got an email regarding a small content writing work. I was elated and little worried. I consulted few of my friends and then replied to the mail positively. Soon I got another email for a telephonic interview and I agreed with a little hesitation. I got that small content writing work and earned a small yet satisfying amount from my first content freelance writing work.

I did part time content writing for a year and the pay that I was getting per article rose. It was the time I knew that writing was something that not only helped me financially but also helped me in relaxing. In the mean time I searched on net a lot about the various styles of writing and even attended workshops to improve my writing skills.

This was the time when I was in a big dilemma of whether to pursue my career in IT or to become a full time writer. I chose the latter one. It was the decision that changed my life in all the aspects. For few initial months I was disheartened and saw my savings disappearing, but it finally paid off and now whenever someone asks what you do, I proudly respond “I am a professional writer.” Now I am totally satisfied and happy with what I do.

Sometimes you got to dare to get out of the snare.

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