Friday, 17 April 2015

Optimism- Half Glass Full

Optimism is the word that we have been listening from the time we were kids. Our parents, teachers, friends, siblings have always taught us what is the advantage of being optimistic. Many of us still tend to believe that it is term that is been only coined for the utopian state and in the real life there is no implementation whatsoever. Even I used to think about the same before the incident that happened with me.
I was an average student throughout my academic life with partial level of participation in various curricular activities. I liked being average and never aimed to become a topper and was satisfied with my marks but there was one dream that I nurtured in my conscience from the time I chose PCM (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) as stream in 11th standard. It was dream of studying in one of the prestigious colleges of the nation. I used to day dream about the time when I would be studying in a prestigious engineering college.
When the result came, all that had was just disappointment. My marks were only enough to get me a seat in an average engineering college of my city. I fell from the castle that I built in the air for my success. The life seemed meaningless. I was broken and hated each and every day that I spent in the college. I always hated it when I had to answer the question “In which college do you study?”
That frustration of not able to deliver and not studying in a good college always used to impel me from inside. One day my friend and I were sitting at local coffee shop and my friend’s friends arrived. There my friend introduced me to one of his friends who was working in a reputed company. He was my friend’s neighbor. I said to him “Seems like I will not be able to work in a company like yours because of the bad college.” To which he replied “I have also not done engineering from a good engineering college and even my CGPAs are not that great, so it is not about college and CGPA.”  After that incident I started enjoying my life and followed the approach half glass full approach. It is one thing that changed my life and helped me in grooming my personality.

I started having positive outlook towards life after that meeting and started having fun. The change was slow but was permanent and made me aware of the side that I never knew I had. It was a new beginning and I was surprised to know that I have become an example for many. Now I am placed in a good company with a good salary. Life is short and gets shorter as we grow up, so just chill and have fun with life. You will see yourself growing exponentially.

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