Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Baby's Bedtime Rituals

Everyone loves babies and we love them more when they are ours. Every time we indulge in any kind of activity with them which makes them smile, we feel that feeling of care and love from inside. There are a lot of things that we as parents enjoy doing for our kids. We love to take care of them and do everything possible that we could do to make them smile. There are a lot of things we take care of when it comes to babies. We take care of their eating habits, their sleeping habits, defecating habits etcetera. We do a lot of things to make sure our babies grow up to be healthy and happy. These are the things that I used to do to before my baby used to fall asleep.

Clichéd Lullaby

No matter how clichéd it may sound this was the first thing that I started doing before my child would actually go to sleep. There wasn’t a specific lullaby like the ones that we hear in movies in daily life, instead I would hum random tunes to my toddler and he would slowly fall asleep. He really loved listening to lullabies when he was really small. He would sometime make sounds while I used to hum the tune, I don’t know may be just to imitate me.

It is Dance Night

Well believe it or not I used to dance with my little one before he used to go to sleep. After coming from office I take in arms would dance in he enjoyed it. He used to laugh and then we would go to sleep and he would sleep soundly because of being tired by the continuous laughing. He loved the new moves and steps and things we used to do while dancing.

Drive Me Sleepy

I used to take my kid out for a stroll and he would love every single of bit. Once I took him out in car and from that the strolling ritual turned into a driving ritual. He loved it being the car and whenever we used to head back he would fall asleep. From there on it became a permanent ritual for all of us (my wife, my baby and me) to go on a drive. It also helped us in exploring the city and we used to take him to parks with car and he totally loved it. He would start smiling when I would pick the car keys.

These are the things that developed into ritual before he used to go to sleep. I also used to follow one more ritual which is making him wear diaper before he would go to sleep. This ensured him a sound and healthy sleep, so when he would wake up he would be all active and happy.

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