Saturday, 5 December 2015

Chaotic Peace

When you ask someone where they love to drive, one of the most answers that you get is about the place which has broad roads or scenic beauty. It is more or less related to pleasure for eyes and ease of driving. Even I like riding/driving on broad deserted roads where there is plenty of picturesque stuff to look at but if you would ask me which city I love drive in then it would be my city Indore.

People often say that if you can drive in Rajwada then you can drive anywhere and even I agree to that. When you drive through the city, you would only see chaos. People are busy, traffic is jam packed, vehicles breathing down each other’s neck, continuous honking and all that happening at the same time. Just five minutes in traffic can easily stress you out but traffic is the beauty of driving in Indore. All the things happening are in perfect harmony. Whether it is rumbling of engines or honking of cars, they seem to create a music of their own. You would see a cart puller trying to make his way to the other side of the road while a cyclist trying to spear head through the traffic. You just have to come out of the traffic and look at it with a different perspective. So much happening and so many lives getting connected to each other at that very moment. You can see many lives playing right in front of you.

It is just not traffic that Indore roads offer you. There are some great broad roads where you can have fun driving your car in peace. MR10 will serve as the best place for that. You can also steer towards Agra-Bombay road, if you like driving on national highways. People in Indore are also helpful. And if you want to do a little networking then you can easily find individuals ready to discuss about anything under the sun. One thing that every Indore dweller has is opinion and they will not hesitate in sharing that with you. They love to talk and same is applicable to listening. You can connect with individuals in an instant. If you are talking about Indore then how can you not talk about its awesome tasting food? If you are among those who love to eat, then you would find an instant connect with Indore and people of Indore.
Indore might appear as a city full of chaos but the way Indore carries that chaos elegantly is because of its fine design and its impeccable infrastructure. Ring road around Indore binds the whole city and its residents into one entity and if you are in Indore then it will embrace you and bind you in itself. Indore is in Madhya Pradesh or in central zone, which makes it easy for people from different zones to visit her. Public transport is also quite good and has real good connectivity to other states too. Visit Indore once to taste its awesome food and to taste its awesome spirit.

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