Thursday, 17 December 2015

Losing Her

Have you ever felt that sensation running down your body, which makes you feel naked instead of donning the best dress from your wardrobe? I have felt it. The feeling was triggered by losing something. At first I took it as something not of importance but as they say “You come to know the value of something after losing it”. Same was the case with me, I lost her and now I long for her.

It was a fine morning. Nature was playing its music and vehicles’ honking at a distance seemed like a melody. I was lying on my bed awake and caressing her texture. I did not wanted to get up, everything seemed just perfect about the moment. I looked at my cell phone’s screen and got out of the comfort of my bed with haste. I was running late and got ready in quick time and then as I picked my cell phone, I got agitated. I was early. There I sat again on my bed caressing her and looking into the mirror and that is when the crazy idea struck me. I got rid of her and all little bits of her were flushed down the gutter.

I looked in mirror and that is when I realized, what I have done. I felt as if I have lost my identity. I was ready to go to office but felt as if nothing covered my skin. I felt that bare naked just like the bare naked truth of she not being with me anymore.

I promised to myself that this time I will not lose her. She will be with me again. Now I have brought her back and she is with me again. She spends all her time with me and I know she would never leave me. I love it when I look into the mirror and see her there in the reflection. Beard becomes a man's unique identity in the world of monotonicity and losing her nothing short of losing the clothes.