Saturday, 5 December 2015

Custard- My Perfect Dessert

Food is one of those things that keeps me driving. Right now I am working in IT Company in Pune, far away from my home and I miss the delicacies that used to satiate my taste buds when I used to be home. As I never did much of cooking, I missed the dishes that my mom used to cook for me. One such dish that I used to miss a lot was fruit custard. Last time when I was home my mom made that for me. I helped her while she was cooking and she taught me how I can prepare it. When I came back to Pune, I tried to recreate the dish that mom made for me. I recreated the dish and instead of sugar I used Sugarfree Natura for that.

The recipe for my favorite dish goes like that.
1 Liter Milk
5-6 Table spoon custard powder
3-4 Cardamom
9-10 pills for SugarFree Natura or as per your taste
You can add fruits as per your taste, I added Pomegranate, banana, apple and strawberries
You can also add dry fruits if you want to like cashew, pistachio, almond etcetera

Take a pan and pour milk in it
Bring the milk to boil
While milk is getting heated up, take custard powder in a pot and add some milk, stir it well so as not to form lumps
Now put the mixture obtained in above step in boiling milk and stir it well, so the mixture gets properly mixed in the boiling milk
Now let the mixture boil for 10 minutes and then add sugar free pellets in it
Stir well to mix the pellets and boil the mixture for another 15 minutes
Turn off your gas and let the custard cool at room temperature
After that keep it into the refrigerator to chill

Mix cardamom and dry fruits into the custard
Cut fruits in small pieces
Keep fruits in bowl and add custard
You can also add dry fruits and fruits for garnishing
Viola mouthwatering custard is ready to satiate your taste buds.
My Sweet Custard

I made fruit custard for me and my friends and they really liked it. Seems like I have grown a little as a cook now. I know there are many for whom cooking to close to next nightmare but such an easy recipe is something you can try. I have now made it a couple of times and it has become my specialty. There are few more dishes that I can serve with these fine dessert but recipe to those some other day. Just try out this simple recipe and enjoy the sweet taste of fruit custard. Going to surprise my mom with my fruit custard now.


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