Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Impact Of Navigating Through A Wrong Turn

It was one of this trips that I cannot easily forget. It never occurred to me that such a trip could veer my life to a totally different direction. It was middle of July and I was a little bored. I searched for places to visit for a few hours in the map and found a small village that had scenic beauty and great tasting roasted corn. I put on my jacket and took my bag to ride to that place. I don’t what struck me at that moment that I took my bag for the place which was only 75 mins away from my place.

I got out of my place and rode to the village. The weather was nice and sun was shining bright. I was planning to reach the village by evening and enjoy the sunset with roasted corn. After 30 minutes of riding I stopped at a small tea stall and had a cup of tea. Although sun was shining but the atmosphere was a little cool because it rained last night.

After finishing my tea I waited there for 5 minutes before resuming my journey and also confirmed about the directions with the tea maker. Again I hit the road and reached my destination. There were not many individuals present at that place at that time. The sunset was awesome and rainbow also appeared in the sky to add to the beauty of the place. The view was a picturesque.

I waited there for 40 minutes and enjoyed my corn by that time everyone were gone. I was alone and the sky was changed color from red to black. It was time to head back home and I put on helmet to ride. It took more kicks for my bike to start but finally it did start. I loved the feel of cool wind through my face. I was enjoying my ride. I took a turn that changed my path. It took a wrong turn and rode into the unknown. The vegetation around became thick and saw only few vehicles passing and that too in long time. It rode for some time and found something was fishy. I looked at my watch and I was shocked because I was riding from past 45 minutes.

I knew I was lost and had taken a wrong turn. I turned around and started riding back to the place where I took the wrong turn. There was no mobile connection at that place, not even to make any call. I rode cautiously and my bike stopped with few hiccups. I kicked again and again but nothing happened. I was sure that I had noticed a small temple on the way and pulled my bike till that temple. I parked my bike to the side of the temple and entered there. There was a saint inside the temple. I approached him and asked if there was any mechanic nearby. He said there is a person but he would have closed his shop. He asked me to stay in the temple for the night. I was a little hesitant but agreed. He prepared dinner for both and us and I helped him with that.

I asked him how you live in such a remote place. He smiled and replied “what seems remote to you is home to me.” He explained his answer in a little detail. He said see there are animals in the forest and there are animals in the city too. Will those animals who live in forest call the animals that live in city as remote? They cannot say that because those animals live perfectly in harmony with the urban ecosystem. We make our choices and should stick to that. If you like where you are and what you do then you are in that ecosystem. You live in real ecosystem when you live in a place and you live in a virtual ecosystem when you live with the thought, doing the things that you like. You share that virtual space with the individuals of your kind.

That conversation pointed out a lot more profound meaning in life. It referred to the difference that we have in our society and when that difference is mocked. There will always be difference and people will have their ecosystem but if they are comfortable with that and you don’t have any right to judge or make statements about them. You cannot ask fish to leave waters just because your ecosystem is different from hers.

That conversation with him gave a very profound meaning to my life and my ideology. We talked for some more time over other topics and went to sleep. He woke me up and introduced me to the mechanic. I got my bike repaired and thanked the saint for his help and for the knowledge that he has given to me about life. Kicked start my bike and came back home with a better picture about life.

I navigated my way to life by taking a wrong turn.

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  1. I guess we all need such a wrong turn in our lives to arrive at the right path.