Monday, 1 February 2016

Impact Of Teachers

Ravi was a shy and average student in class. He was not only average in studies but in other departments too. He was okay in sports, co-curricular and academics. He lacked in one thing which was expressing him. He did not have any opinion. He seemed kind of lost in the small world that he built. When he would go out with friends he will open up a little but not much.

He never volunteered for anything and also never did he say no to the responsibility given to him. Whatever job given to him, he will surely be complete it without any issues. Even if he wouldn’t want to do something and you assign that task to him he would sit down and start doing it without any complaint.

He was a different person all together. You can make fun of him and he would just smile politely and would reply sometime without much of humor. One day there was a test in class and he forgot that and scored 2 marks out of 10. He was mocked for his marks but it did not bother him. Although the test was very simple, he did not care much about the marks. He was the only one to fail in that test.

The subject teacher asked if anyone failed in the test and he stood up. Teacher got infuriated and insulted him in front of the whole class. His teacher said he was nothing but a burden for the society and would never achieve anything. That particular sentence of his teacher hurt him. He did not say a word and accepted whatever teacher said. After that day he dived into books and in the final exam he was in the top 10 scoring students.

He indulged in sports and excelled there. He was selected for intra school team for volleyball. He continued to work hard in studies and secured ranks in tests. Even in the surprise tests he would do great. He was still polite and good to others. He would accept anything you tell him and would always be there for you.

His results not only in academics but in curricular showed that he has changed. His classmates started approaching him for doubts and he would solve them without any attitude. He worked his way up the ladder and continued to impress individuals with his marks, sports and most importantly his nature. It was actually his teacher that brought that change in him.

Teachers no matter how tough are will always set you straight. They are the ones who guide you and inspire you. They might not put arm around your shoulder and advise you but they will somehow make sure you understand the importance of life.

Impact of teacher is not only on individuals but on the society. It was just story of Ravi but there are many Ravi who make up the society and there will always be teachers behind Ravi.

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