Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Music- An Expression

Music has always remained an important aspect of my life. It is like a friend to whom I can turn to at any point. Music has been like a therapy for me. Music appeals to me without language and it does not matter much to me if I am able to understand the lyrics of any song or not. I am a blogger and know what is the importance of words but when it comes to music I don’t really need words. I am not at all comparing two arts of music and writing with each other. If it wouldn’t have appreciated writing I guess I wouldn’t have been writing this post about it.

When I was a kid I did not watch music shows. I did not had any kind of inclination towards music. My sister and I would fight over it. She would want to watch music channels and I wouldn’t conform to that idea. I would switch off the TV and run away to avoid getting caught and beaten up. Slowly I started liking it and felt increasing affection for it. I started enjoying it and really liked listening to music.

With the developed affinity I wanted to explore about this awesome art and started listening to various styles of music. I switched back and forth from classical to rock to pop to R&B and various others. I liked most of them. They were all appealing in a different way and really refreshing. I don’t have much knowledge about music but I can without any doubt say that music is an expression.

I cannot say that you would love any kind of music all the time. It does depend on situation and the whole setting. If you are in a discotheque and hear Gazals playing, will that be the right kind of music for the setting. Music should also match with the setting and situation.

Music is an expression because it express various emotions. Like how peppy songs are right for the disco atmosphere in the same way devotional or delightful songs are light atmospheres. When the music conforms to your mood that is when it start to work as a therapy. Music suiting your mood would not interfere into your actions and thought and it would align itself with your situation. With the right kind of music you can think straight.

We see individuals listening to sad songs after break ups and the reason for it is the sad music conforms to the situation of the listener. Music becomes part of their situation and starts to work like a therapy for them. Music becomes a friend and brings them out of their gloomy situations. Music has so many dimensions and the more you explore the more you understand about it the more you will fall in love with it.

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