Saturday, 29 November 2014

Five signs to look for to know your kid is depressed

Depression is a common in today’s world. With growing tensions and up gradations depression is also increasing. You will easily hear and see the cases of depression in your area. Nowadays cases of depressions with teens is increasing and if your kid is also in teen age then you must check the following points to make sure that kid is in depression or not.
·       Is your kid prefers to stay in the room. If so then he is allowing depressions.
·       Is he is acting cautiously if he is on a public place. If so then he is lacking his confidence.  
·       Is he prefers not to speak to new person. By avoiding the new persons he is restricting his thinking and it will cause depression.
·       Is he never prefers to talk to his friends while at home.  This action of his suggests that he is not having a friend and he is in pressure.
·       Is he pay on interest in school activities. This action shows his depression clearly.
·       Is his grades are falling and he is not cautious about it. It is because your kid is cautious about himself not of his grades and it’s a clear sign of depression.

These are few points which will help you in observing your kid. If you are too noticing the points in your kid, it’s the time to motivate and help him to recover from the depression. 

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