Saturday, 29 November 2014

Get rid depression from you teen's life

Depressed teenager
Teen age is a special age and hence it requires special care. When a kid enters teen age he find himself in the awkward position where he is not a grown up nor he remains the kid. Expectation level increases and kid refuses to act mature. There are many cases we hear where a kid spoiled his life after entering in the teen age. Many times it is seen that after entering in the teen age kid loose his confidence and trapped himself in the depression. Cases of depression of teens are creeping and sometimes it results their life. If you are noticing the signs of depressions in your kid you must do the followings – 
  • Start spending special time with him. By giving dedicated time with him will help him in regaining the confidence.
  • Encourage him to do the thing which he likes to do and appraise him whenever there is a chance.
  • Talk him in a friendly manner and build his faith in you.
  • Little to do sessions and quite outings with him will be effective.
  • If study is the cause of the depression, encourage him to get the concepts not the marks
  • If your teen is having an affair and brake up pushed him in this state, make him believe that he deserves better
  • If your kid does not want to go out with friends then check whether he is a laughing stock to his friends. If so ask his friends not to laugh at him and in the mean while teach your kid an art of ignorance.  
  • Make the life philosophy simple and show him the benefits of teen age.

By doing this you will be able to remove the depressions from your teens life. If you are not seeing any improvements in him you must consult psychologist.

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