Saturday, 29 November 2014

Discover the signs of breast cancer

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Breast cancer cases are increasing day by day and for every woman it’s a threating sign. With growing number of cases no women can feel assure that she will remain immune from breast cancer. In breast cancer patient’s cell multiplies uncontrollably and they create tumor. Generally, the tumor occurs in the milk tube (ductal carcinoma) or in the lobular carcinoma. Luckily, the medical field heals this disease if it is detected in early stages.  But how to detect it in an early stage is the question remains. Here are some signs and symptoms of breast cancer
·       It changes the shape and size of the breast. You will feel changes in your breast structure.
·       Your skin and nipple will receive a change like dimpled, inflamed.
·       Main symptom of breast cancer is blood discharge through the breasts. It may be with one breast or with both
·       Lump formation in the armpit or in the breast is also a sign of breast cancer.
·       Changing the temperature of the breast and if you are feeling warmness in breasts with reddish texture, then it’s a sign of breast cancer.
·       Nipples become sensitive and it feels like burning all the time.
If you are experiencing this aforesaid points that means you are having breast cancer.  To a certain extent it is a curable disease and if you are noticing symptoms it’s the time to consult with gynecologist.  

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