Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Zenfone- A Perfect Partner

As the season of love was approaching many of my friends asked with whom I would be spending this valentine. Even I wasn’t sure about what I would be doing this Valentine’s Day, so checked for the day on which the D-day (Date Day) would be falling. It was a Saturday and I thought about all the things that I do/prefer doing on Saturdays. These are the reasons why my Asus Zenfone would be my Valentine day’s special mate.

Waking Up By Her Side

Well with my favorite song set as alarm ring I would be waking up with my Zenfone then prepare tea and sip it while holding her. I would look at her beautiful face as she tells me the latest news (through news app). Then she would join me for a morning walk and I would listen to her singing into my ears (Sound quality of Zenfone is out of this world).

It’s A Lunch Date

For the lunch I would ask her about the stuff she would want me to eat based on my past liking and she would guide me on what is that perfect lunch for our lunch date (Use of apps to know and order food). I would have her by my side and listen as she sings in her sweet voice.

Always Up For A Movie

With her I can enjoy a movie to the fullest. She makes my movie experience unforgettable. I would hold her and we would have a perfect time together enjoying every single bit of the moment (Great display with high detailing). She is a perfect partner for movies and never ever has she denied for once, she never made an excuse about the exhaustion but has always responded to my call for movies (Long battery life).

A Special Date

At night I would prepare for dinner that I have learned from her and make it a special date. She would always be by my side and help me in each every stage while I cook. It is because of her that I have started making dinner by my own (Learning to cook via online recipe books and videos).  

Ready To Play The Game

Yeah this is one quality that has made me fall in love with her (A great gaming experience with cutting edge experience). I have gone head over heels for her because of such a sporty personality. No lag whatsoever while playing game and no disturbance. A great gaming experience is what I have when I play with her. I could have never a found a better gaming partner than her.

With her I can be assured I have each my day as something special. My Zenfone is my perfect valentine and for me every day with her is a valentine’s day. Great display, great battery, great camera, great performance. It has all the qualities of a perfect smart phone and the best part is it fits in the budget. #UnconditionalLove
Love you Zenfone.  

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