Friday, 30 January 2015

Quikr Nxt, Just Text

I am moving to a new city next month and looking for accommodation in my budget. I looked at various websites and selected few of the flats and PGs but nothing fit in my budget and the prerequisites of the accommodation.  I turned to the website which I had only used to sell my old phone and buy a second hand guitar. The website served me well in selling and buying the used stuff. This was the first time I was using Quikr to look for accommodation.

I posted an advertisement for the need and also picked few of the flat and PG advertisements from the site. I did not want to be disturbed by the phone calls and useless broker calls and that is when the chat feature provided by Quikr came to my rescue. This feature helped me a lot in various ways and was very advantageous for me.

Saves Money

As I am unemployed and going to join a company next month and I did not want to spend my invaluable balance on the unfruitful calls. With the chat feature I could get information about the flats and PGs without wasting even a single penny. It helped me in filtering the advertisements I was interested in.

Easy To Keep Track Of Conversations

Phone calls from the same caller again and again for the same specifications were quite irritating but with the chat feature that Quikr provides, one can easily keep track of all the conversations. This has helped me selecting the most appropriate accommodation for me. Even the advertisements with pretty much same name also confused me and with the conversation history I could filter them easily without getting confused.

Multiple Chats

I could chat and keep track of multiple conversations at once. Each time I got reply from an individual who posted the advertisement, I got a mail and SMS. I was able to respond to multiple advertisements and could post query on multiple advertisements at once. It also helped me save time because the time I would have spent on one advertisement for phone conversation was enough to connect to multiple advertisers.

The chat feature has helped me in narrowing down my search to the few PGs and flats. It has helped me save time and money at the same time. I just have to reach the city 2 days in advance and select the accommodation that would appeal most to me on that day. I love the way this website has transformed the market and made it easy for users like me. I can use this feature on the mobile site, desktop site and even on the app. As I would be in the new city and the mobile internet would be the only net connection that I would be having, the ability to use this feature on mobile is a sure treat for me.

Quikr nxt- All you got to do is text. 

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