Thursday, 21 January 2016

Navigate With Courage


Have you ever been stuck in a situation where you cannot think of any way to get out of it? That feeling of being helpless and being stuck is really frustrating. When you feel as if you are going nowhere and the whole world seem to be passing by you and you just stand there and watch everyone get ahead. Have you wondered how a sailor would have felt when he gets lost in the ocean and all he can see is the emptiness all around him. For him feeling blue becomes reality in a literal sense. In the vastness of sea and emptiness of it, how small and trivial he feels.

Imagine you getting stuck on an island for few days and all you can think of is finding a way out of it but not finding it and you can see the days passing and the whole world moving forward except for you. That is when you need to muster courage and navigate through the unknown. If you look at the sea, you would see nothing but the blue vastness extending to infinity but those who navigated through those waters know that there is land on the other side of it. They were the one who navigated their ships into the unknown.

Everyone is afraid of something and everyone hesitates to take that first step but some day to know what lies on the other side of horizon you got take out your boat and start navigating into the waters and have to keep in mind that waters will not be forgiving and they would push to the limit and test you. The moment you start to accept the defeat is the moment the blue waters will become your destiny, the destiny you have not asked for. When the journey becomes your destination that is when you feel stuck because it is not something you wanted.

Always remember you set out for land and you would settle for no less but land. You will reach there because you have fought waters and have always kept it under your boat.

Navigation is a skill. It is the skill to be able to think straight while life is in spirals. You are responsible for your actions and no one will row you out of ocean. You got to pick up that oar and start rowing towards the land. Even if you can’t see the land, you must have faith in you. If you feel like getting stuck, you got to work on your navigating skills.

Navigating is just like navigating in seas. You have to know your coordinates and also know the capabilities of your boat. Once you know about these aspects, there is no one stopping you from reaching the coast.

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