Monday, 1 December 2014

Easy steps to train your pup

Many a times walking down the street we come across who are not able to walk their dog properly just because of improper or no in house training. There are few ways by which you can train you dog in your backyard.
Best friend

1)   A tired dog is the best dog to train- The reason why it is called so is a tired dog would have drained off his extra energy would have more focus. So keep in mind that before teaching you give your dog a good walk or play with him to tire him out a little.
2)   Positive reinforcement- It is one of the most widely known and adopted techniques. You can lure him to learning process by simple treats. You can also his favorite toy as reward.
3)   Set small goals- This is one step that every dog owner who wants to teach his dog should practice. Teaching your dog sit, go, stay, come etc. would only confuse him and would disappoint you and him too.
4)   Be patient- Patience is the key to raising an obedient dog. You got to learn that like humans every dog is different and they take a sufficient time to learn anything. So be patient with and give him respect and get the same in return.
5)   A proper routine- You can’t train a dog in a day, so you have to teach him the same continuously till he grasps that thing and never keep your training sessions too long to bore him.

I hope it would have been of help in raising a lovable partner for life. 

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