Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cupid Game- The Caricature

Everyone loves to be loved and there is no denying that it is one of the best feelings to experience. When you fall in love the whole world starts to seem like a better place. It makes you feel secure and confident. No matter how hard the day is, at the end speaking to you darling would end it on a high note. The care that your loved one shows is bound to make you feel better.

This is my first valentine after being in a committed relationship I have just pulled the rabbit out of hat to woo her. She has shared the stuff that she used to do as a kid and loved doing. I have taken a note of them and planned to make something special out of it.

I would take her to the place closer to nature and would serenade her with the song that I have especially written and composed on guitar. I have learned to draw caricatures from one of my friends. I have made a small caricature story from that. It was story of her life.
The first caricature consisted of the time she was born and her parents holding her, with a caption an angel was born.

The second caricature was that of a kid rushing out of school with a bag and water bottle around her neck.

The third caricature consisted of her and her elder brother fighting over a team remote.

The fourth caricature consisted of her and her best friends sitting on a bed and smiling with their teddies.

Fifth caricature consisted of her studying under a table lamp and her mother standing next to her with a cup of hot coffee.

The sixth caricature consisted of her entering the college.

The seventh caricature consisted of her hanging out with friends in the canteen and laughing hard.

The eighth caricature consisted of her proud face with the offer letter from a big company.

The ninth caricature consisted of her smiling face in a black robe and a degree in her hand.

The tenth caricature consisted of her sad face while leaving college.

The eleventh caricature was combination of her happy face before entering the office of her first job and her first salary credit message.

The twelfth caricature consisted of her driving with me.

The thirteenth caricature consisted of her standing next to a tree and listening to my guitar.

The fourteenth caricature consisted of her standing and a guy kneeled down proposing her.

At this point I get down on one knee and propose her “I love you, will you be my valentine.”  And she said “Arey pagal offcourse I love you and yes I would love to be your valentine”.

She hugs me and I present to her the fifteenth caricature of me and her hugging each other.

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