Friday, 16 January 2015

Healthy Kid Means Happy Home


My sister’s kid is a pocket size powerhouse. He always indulges into some kind of mischievous and fun activities which leaves the whole house smiling. His energy gets reciprocated in the whole house. With his activity the whole family comes alive and everyone starts feeling a lot more energetic. His innocent questions are bound to make you smile. He has this habit of exaggerating already known facts, like he would make stories about dinosaurs breaking his toys and wrestling with them.

Kids are really the true energy of a house. With their constant active presence in the house, they create a positive atmosphere. When these little angels fall sick that is when it creates an unhealthy environment in the house. When you see your little angel wrapped up in a quilt and coughing with 100 degrees fever then there is no other thing more despairing than that. A healthy kid always lifts up the spirit of the house and brings smiles to everyone’s face.

A healthy home is one where kids are healthy because they create a healthy environment. They fill our homes with fun and happiness. Homes where kids fall ill more often have unhealthier environment than the homes where kids are healthier.

To keep our kids healthy and fit, we have to make them follow good habits. One of such habits is eating Dabur Chyawanprash daily. It improves the immunity of the body and makes individual fall less ill. If kids start consuming a spoon full of Chyawanprash daily then it would improve the immune system of the kid and would help him grow and also fight various ailments. If Chyawanprash is consumed from an early age then it can have great effect on individual’s health throughout the life.

I recall the time when my nephew fell ill and the whole house was worried. We used to give him Chyawanprash for the immunity, which helped him come out of the sickness and fill the whole house again with the energy that he had. He had this habit of having one spoon full of Chyawanprash each morning and would then execute all the mischievous activities that he had planned the day before.
It is one those habits that I also follow and it has really helped me build by immune system. Still today I start my day with two spoons of chyawanprash and every member of family follows the same routine. This particular habit has helped our family stay healthy. All the kids in our house have a spoon of chyawanprash and have developed higher immunity. This higher immunity creates happiness and a healthy house.

Chyawanprash is the right mixture of all the herbs and is formula that is sure to increase your child’s and your immunity. 

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