Saturday, 24 January 2015

Just Dimple No Pimple

Pimple is one of the most annoying things, which appears out of the blue and stays on your face for a long time. I have even witnessed people who suffer from the pimple related issues throughout the year and are fed up of it. A clean face means a healthy body and that is why a face free from pimple would always be preferred.

I have seen people facing trouble because of the pimply face. There are people who did not have pleasant experience during the job interviews and even with the opposite gender. It is easy to say that looks do not matter much and yes we all agree to the fact. But our brain is hard wired to accept something or someone that looks good and deem it as healthy.

I remember one of my friends had trouble with her pimples. She was fed up with the constant remarks made about her pimply face. People used to make statements like what is the similarity between her face and Indian road, both are rough. Some remarks were too mean and nasty. She liked one of our classmates in college. When she mustered enough courage to share her thoughts and feelings with him the reply she got totally stunned her. The guy got agitated and said how she could even think that he would date a pimply girl like her. He also said that how she could even think of him becoming her boy friend. He insulted her and even made fun of her.

We tried to console her and asked the guy to apologize. The guy realized his mistake and immediately apologized to her. He even accepted mistake in front of everyone and tried to console her. But my friend was hurt. Soon the college ended and she was in touch with no one.

I met her in the local market. I was awed by her appearance. Her pimples were gone and her face was radiant. She looked really pretty and there were just dimples on her face no pimples. I questioned her about the general stuff and what she was doing. She shared all that has happened with her in the past few months. She got a job and currently dating a guy who loves her. I asked her about the secret behind the radiant skin and she said that is because of new cream that she has started using.

She was using Garnier pure active Neem face wash. The goodness of the Neem has surely had great effect on her skin. The result of the face wash was quite evident. It even helped her with the oily skin. Even I used the product for to treat my oily skin and it did wonders for me too.

For anyone needing a good face wash Garnier pure active Neem face wash is the one. 

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