Thursday, 1 January 2015

They Are Not Bad Girls

What is a good girl or what is the true definition of a good girl? It is something on which I have never given much thought to be honest. It is not because I consider this topic too trivial or something. But there is one thing which I am very certain of for this question. And that thing is the general definition of the society or daily soaps is not defined good girl. Many people just make remarks about a girl whether she is good or bad just by judging her. The difference or similarity in the ideology can never be the ground for classifying a girl in the category of good or bad. In this blog I will not create sketch of an ideal girl but would deny the already floating sketches of the so called Bad Girl.


She hangs out with boys, she is a slut

Who are you to make such a derogatory statement about that girl? How has she become a bad butterfly who goes to every flower for the pollen? Just because her thought process does not conform to yours makes her slut then I guess Swacch Bharat movement should reach your brain too. There are girls who are bad but not because of the fact they hang out with guys. That famous dialogue from Suraj Badjatya’s movie Maine Pyar Kia where Mohnish Bahal says “Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte” is not true. Stop judging her based on the gender of her friends.

She wears western dresses and comes home late

Well if you have problem with the fact that a girl wears clothes of her liking then why can’t you apply same logic to boys. If you think a girl should wear ethnic dresses only then why don’t you ask a boy to wear a Dhoti Kurta or Kurta Payjama or Kameez Payjama to the office. If she comes late at home then she is bad and the boy comes late at home no brows raised. I mean really if you judge a girl is bad or good on this scale then I am sorry to say but you score a big fat zero on maturity scale.

She is not a virgin

Well this factor would make the girl a biggest offender of the mankind as per many. Well sex is not everything in life okay. She knew what she was doing and that was her decision. If you say love is the greatest feeling then she did it because of this greatest emotion that she felt while doing it. You don’t have same rules for boys and even same rules are for boys, still that point is totally invalid. Virginity does not make an individual’s character.

These are the points that came to my mind, which I thought normally make a girl in the category of the great vamp. If you know of any more points which make individuals think of her as a bad girl then do mention it in the comment section.

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