Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A solution to Terrorism

Firstly I want to start this blog by paying my condolences to the lives of the innocents laid down by the extremists. #PeshawarAttack.

Why such kinds of attacks take place time and again in some nation or the other? Why the world that is united against such terrorist outfits cannot pin them down? But the biggest question is how can such extremists group be eradicated?

The answer to this question in my opinion lies in the problem itself. The problem is silence of countries which have Muslims in majority. The problem starts when a country that does not have Islamic followers in majority tries to take step or initiative against such terrorist outfits. That is when the extremists propagandize the act by saying that it is step against Islam and they (non Islamic countries) want to eradicate Muslims. We got to accept that fact that “all Muslims are not terrorists but all the terrorists are Muslims”. The moment you take a step against terrorist that is a step against Muslim. And when a country (India or USA) that does not have majority population following Islam takes action against a terrorist who is obviously a Muslim, that is when that whole country is deemed as an attacker on Islam.

Now the solution to this problem is that those countries that have majority population following Islam take tough step against these outfits. That is when these extremists will not be able to promote Jihad on the name of Islam is in danger. Every now and then we hear the news of all nations coming together to fight terrorism but we got to promote the idea that all the Muslim Majority nations should come together and fight these extremists group that are bloating Islam.

Bring Muslims together to fight Muslim because then only one can save Islam. 

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