Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Five things you should start doing more often

We all have come across this one question on how to be happier or how to be at peace. The solution can vary from person to person because people find peace in different things. We live in a very competitive world and stress is just part of the daily life. These are the five things that I think can be helpful for you to become happier and stress free.
Early to rise

Early to rise

It is one of the most rhetorical points. I guess everyone one of us knows how getting up early can be helpful but the problem is how many of us practice it. Waking up early and enjoying the chirps of the birds welcoming the sun is therapeutic.

Turn off your online life

I know it is not possible in this digital world to disconnect from it but buying some time out it for yourself or for your friends or family is not going to hurt you. Having a real conversation and good laugh with high fives can cheer you up for longer time than going through the newsfeed on your Facebook page.

Help someone

People would always be in denial that they don’t help people that often. Helping someone does not mean you have to pay visit to orphanage or old age home. It can be anything from feeding stray dog or cat to helping your mum in kitchen. These little acts of kindness would really help you feel relaxed. They make you feel better about yourself and can also inspire others too.

Indulge in your hobby

It might have been hard for you to pick that guitar again and hit those perfect notes everyday but weekends are for you. You can write a prose, paint a marvel, cook something new and there a lot of stuff that you can do that you love doing without anyone hindering you. Just do what you love without thinking twice for a day. You work hard and you deserve to treat yourself well too.

Marvel the silence

Listening to nothingness and everything at the same time is the art of listening to the silence. It can set you straight, it can relive stress and these are not just words it actually does that. Listen to yourself while listening to silence. Contemplate over anything and before you could know you are lost in the ocean of thoughts.

If you think of anything other stuff that a person should do often then do mention it in our comments. 


  1. Great advice, for the busiest of people also.
    i will follow, for sure.