Monday, 29 December 2014

What Is Being Cool?

What is being cool and how to become cool is something that had me scratching my head for a lot of time. I never had any idea about what are those traits or attributes of an individual’s character that make him/her get classified as a cool guy or cool gal. I still don’t know much about using that word, especially pertaining to an individual or event. But I am very certain about certain things that should not be practices and thought as being cool.


Driving in your car, with hand stretched out of the window holding a cigarette might appear as one of the coolest things to venture into but it is not. Smoking is not just a bad habit, it is a disease. Many people say they only smoke when they are stressed what if the same logic is given by rapists like they only rape when they are aroused. I don’t have to stress on the various ailments that smoking can cause to your body because even the packet of cigarette warns you of it. If you are among those who think smoking is cool, then you got to give a thought on the fact what being cool is.


I don’t know how but it became a known trait of being cool. May be one of the reason to it is that a negative statement is often misunderstood as a healthy brain. People would pay more attention to a negative statement then ten positive ones and this led to unnecessary cynicism. People blatantly curse their country, school, society, office just to be recognized as a cool intellectual. A fine example is when people talk about why women’s situation would not improve in India while staring at a girl in a cafĂ©. If you identify that trait of cynicism as something cool then sorry it is not.

Studying sucks

Often people joke about how they don’t study till their final exam and how cool they it is to get just passing marks or grace. Yeah, I mean those jokes are funny many a times but the reality is far from that. An F in final exam is not at all cool. Education and studies are really important and if you think it is not cup of your tea because it seems so uncool, well then you might miss the bus my friend. Accept the fact that when you sit for placements you are only eligible if you fulfill that minimum percentage criterion and that is when your D would not look that cool as you thought it to be. If your logic is that Bill Gates was a drop out then also keep in mind that he dropped out of Harvard. 

Not able to speak Hindi

Now this statement may come out a bit offensive but cool it yar. It is not targeted to you just to make you feel ashamed of not knowing name of five Hindi writers. Actually this is applicable to those who think that speaking in English is the only sign of intellect. People would not listen to a great point or statement made in Hindi but would blow whistles for one of the most trivial English statement. Just acting like you don’t know Hindi and can’t read and speak it fluently does not make you cool but instead make you look like a jerk. Don’t fake that “oh I suck at Hindiface we all know you do know it.

Although the list is long but for now these are few things that definitely do not make you look cool. If you know more things that are often confused as being cool then do mention it in the comment section. You can also share your definition of being cool with us. 

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