Friday, 26 December 2014


Lying is one of the most important characteristics of human beings. If I ask you or myself a simple question that how many times had you lied from the time you first stepped into the world, the answer would be numerous times. Even in our daily lives we lie about so many trivial issues knowingly or unknowingly. As per a study 60% percent of human beings cannot go 10 minutes without lying once. Now that figure is something about which I am not lying. But no matter how often we lie, it will always be one of the bad habits.

Whenever we lie about something we always feel that little soul inside us trying to shove us to tell the truth and when we do tell the truth there is no better feeling. Lying does have its advantage but only for the short term. As quoted by the great author Mark Twain “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything”. Now that statement in itself is the testament of importance of truth in our lives.
To be honest I was not amongst the most honest of the kids in my school days. I had this habit of lying and convincing myself that I was just hiding the truth. It wasn’t something I feel proud of but this habit set me straight to tread on the path of truth because it helped me learn the lessons that I was missing because of lying.

I remember that day when I was in my in seventh grade. My parents got me enrolled in a convent school and it was tough as hell for me because neither could I speak English and nor could I understand it. As all the teachers were from south, it became tough for me even to understand the normal and simple questions fired at me. I flunked in a couple of subjects in my unit test and I followed the same glorious run in my quarterly examination. I had to get my report card signed by parents. I went up to them to get it signed and I was grounded. I will not say there wrong about it. They wanted me to work on my skills but it was I who got it wrong.

During my unit tests after quarterly exam I did good and flunked in two subjects only. Then came the midterm examination or half yearly exam, I flunked in 5 subjects, even in the Moral Science. The subjects in which I passed were Mathematics, Hindi and Sanskrit. I presumed canning (which I never got) for this great performance. I practiced my mum’s signature as it was a little easy and was little fidgeting when I did the final act of forging it on the report card.

I was relieved because I had executed my part correctly. Teacher asked for the report card to be brought back in a couple of days. I took it to the school but didn’t give to the class teacher and made an excuse that I forgot to get it signed. I reached home and my mum was there and served me with the hot meal. I consumed it and went up to the study room. I was feeling that guilt of lying and forging. The day passed and it was bed time. I swirled in my bed for a couple of hours. Everyone was asleep. I woke up and took my report card and went to my parents’ room. I woke my mum and she was little tensed and asked in a concerned voice “Kya hua? Dar lag raha hai kya?”  By the time my dad was also up and asked what happened. I showed my report card to them. They went through the red marks in report card and I said sorry for the signature.

My dad said in a calm voice “Koi bat nahi”. He then asked what problem am I facing and what is the reason for such result. He listened to me and made me understand that it was not my final exam and I could still buck up and make more efforts to change this result. He taught me English after that and after that moment I was on the learning spree. My results improved every year and now I m one of the finest English speaking and English writing kids in my family and placed in an MNC too. I don’t know what my life would have been if I wouldn’t have spoken the truth.


Do try it yourself, it does feel good to speak the truth.  

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