Sunday, 21 December 2014

Ways to improve laptop's battery life

Laptop is one of those inventions that transformed the whole world. It has made life of many individuals easier. The use of laptop is not just limited to the geeks and this is what makes it an entity always in demand. But this device is of no use if it is discharged and you have no charging socket near you. A laptop without battery is just a stone that you can open and use its screen as mirror. There are ways by which you can improve your laptop’s battery life.


Low brightness of screen

It is one of those battery savings tips that work on smart phones too. It helps you squeeze out those precious minutes from your battery. You can adjust the brightness according to your needs. If you are sitting in a well lit room then you might want to increase your screen’s brightness and in the same manner if the light around you is dim then you would not have problem working with dim laptop screen.

Stop external devices

This way of reducing battery life is very helpful. If you are low on battery and have to finish up something urgent then plugging in various devices and using N number of laptop ports is not going to help you. If you have plugged in USB to charge your mobile then removing it can be helpful.

Get rid of extra processes

There are certain processes that run in the background but of no use for your work. You can go to the task manager and identify those processes and turn them off. This would help you in using your battery optimally and can help you with the system speed too.

Avoid multitasking

It might not be the best solution but if you see some extra programs or software already open although you don’t need them right away can be of great help. For example- if you are making a presentation and will be inserting some data from other documents in the later part of it then it is advisable you don’t keep that document open from the start. In the same manner playing music while working would drain the battery more rapidly.

Keep battery in good shape

In order to keep your laptop’s battery in good shape you have to exercise it. Once you charge your battery it is important you use and at least discharge it once in a week or two. In the same way cleaning the battery can also be accommodated in this point. Keep your battery in good shape and you would be able to enjoy full life time of it for a very long time.

If you have any other ways of improving your battery life then do mention it to us through the comment section below.

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