Monday, 8 December 2014

Easy ways to better your communication skills

Communication skill is one of the important aspects of an individual’s personality. It is not just mere uttering of words. It is the art of engaging in a conversation and expressing views. Nowadays a lot of companies mention good communication skills as one of the criteria for hiring any individual. That is why possessing good communication skill will not only help you in your personal life but also in the professional life. If you are among those who are a clueless on how to improve communication skills then these are the few ways that can help you.
Communicate well

It is one of those aspects that will not only improve your communication skills but would also give your authority. Feeling nervous and a little shy is something that would go away with time. You have to converse with individuals first and the more you speak the more confidence you would get. It would also help you in knowing your shortcomings.
Language and Body Language
It is one of those aspects that would define you. You have to be clear in your thought and should be able to express in a clear language. Using simple small sentences rather than complex long sentences can be of great help. With the verbal language you also have to possess good body language. Fidgeting body can overcast your fluency. Confident straight posture and eye contact can do wonders in improving your communication skills.
In order to master the art of communication skills you also have to pay attention to the person who is conversing with you. It helps you in knowing his/her views and respond better. Comprehending what other person is trying to say or ask in a better way helps you in crafting your replies in a suitable manner and thus improve your communication skills.
Knowing content
Having knowledge about the topic would help you express your views in a good way and make your statements a lot clearer. In the same manner if you are addressing a group or audience knowledge of the content would give you confidence and command.
No umm No ahh
Use of unnecessary umm and ahh in conversation have negative impact on your point. It would distract an individual’s attention from your point. Don’t rush to finish your sentence, speak calmly and maintain good posture. Instead of filling pauses with umm and ahh you can slow down your speaking speed.

At the end what matters most is your zeal to improve. If you have that then you can easily improve your communication skills. 

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