Saturday, 23 January 2016

A Positive Impact


What it is like to get out of your normal routine life and having impact on someone’s life? Is it something too much to ask for from someone? I guess we all are capable of doing something good and motivate individuals.

There are many incidents in life that make us what we are today. We as human beings constantly learn from situations and people. This attitude to attitude is embedded deep into our genes. This hunger to learn has what made us successful and helped us survive ages while many other beings perished. I just feel that whenever someone learns from me they shouldn’t regret that.

Whenever you walk out of the door you should keep one thing in mind that there is someone who is watching you and you should motivate him/her with your actions. If you are having an impact on someone’s life it is better to make it a good one.

When you walk on the road and see a person help other, it fills your heart with happiness. It motivates you indulge in the same act. What it is about that action that motivates you? Do you know name of those individuals? How those strangers are having impact on you? We as human beings are here to help not just other human beings but all living beings.

I was going through job training in Mysore for the IT Company I am working in and there was my one friend from whom I learned how to be happy. He was a hard working and jovial. He couldn’t pass the training and got terminated but still he remained calm. I know he was upset and disappointed but the way he handled himself and presented it to others, gave hope to others too who got terminated. It was because of him that everyone who got terminated picked up themselves. He was having impact on life of so many individuals although he was clueless about his.

He was not doing it intentionally and never did he imagine that he was having impact on so many lives at the same time. I guess till date he does not know that he has impacted or have changed ideologies of many. He has brought positive change in all of us and made us all believe that how imperative it is to be positive.

There will be many times in life when you would be having impact on someone’s life and will not know about it. Next time when you act or react keep in mind that there is someone who is watching you and you are having an impact on his life. Always make efforts that whatever the impact you have on someone’s life make it a positive one.

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