Saturday, 30 January 2016

Feel Peppy


Peppy is really behaving enthusiastic or feeling that energy while doing something. Many a time peppy is associated with the individuals who are extrovert. That is not really something I second. I guess peppiness is something that a person feels. It is a feeling and not a trait that is displayed and then recognized. If you are feeling peppy and not expressing it with body movements or through your conversation then it does not mean that you are not peppy.

Not all extroverts are peppy and not all introverts are dull and dormant. A person who is extrovert may be active. Peppiness is more of a thought and depends on situation and situation. Scientists are happy and all pepped up for their new research or for launch of their satellite into space while a person might not feel same as them.

Being peppy more or less depends on the situation. If you will put an extrovert in a setting that does not suit him then will he be that pepped up or will he feel that energy. He might be able to show as if he is all pepped up and joyous but if he is not feeling that energy inside of him then can peppy be the term really used for him.

If I would go to a park and start to show off the moves that I learned from Bollywood movies to attract individuals and just only for the sake of it. Will I be peppy? I might be labeled as peppy but if I am no having that feeling then it is for sure not peppy.

Many a times we recognize the feelings like joy, peppy, happy as something that we see. If I am feeling does not mean that individuals may be able to recognize that well. In the same way if am enjoying something or excited or pepped about something then it does not mean that people can feel the same just by looking at my face or just by talking to me.

For many individuals writing is fun but when they would sit at their desk with all kind of serious expressions on their face. Their expressions are serious does not mean that they are not enjoying their time or not having fun. They are as pepped and as excited as any guy/girl waving their hands in the air in discotheque. For them having fun at that moment means something different.

Feelings would all be same but it depends on individuals as to how they feel it and how they show it. X numbers of individuals means x number of ideas in the same way they would all interpret and express themselves differently.

I was all pepped for this post and was enjoying writing it. Hope you feel the same while reading it. 

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