Friday, 22 January 2016

Travel And Explore


Are you among those who love to travel? If yes then this blog is dedicated to you. Traveling is one of those things in life that can truly be referred as fantastico experience. The reason for it has been reiterated not once but many a times but I guess it would be worth reiterating the same through this blog.

Have you ever watched those movies where the protagonist loves to travel or is an avid traveler? How you have felt about that? Does it inspire you to go out of your house and explore the whole world? It does inspire me. Travel is one thing that has always interested me since I was a kid. I haven’t visited many places but I can say one thing for sure that I love it when I travel.

When I travel I feel the momentum of time. I feel as if I am strolling with time at its speed. When I travel I can think about my life and think straight. From the time I board my bus to the time I alight, I can think of all things that have happened in my life and those thoughts are nothing but fantastico for me.

When you travel to a new place you learn a lot. When I say about learning it is not just about learning about a new place or new culture or new people but it is more related to learning about you. The way you respond to the newness or the way you respond to the lifestyle of the new place helps you develop a better understanding of yourself.

I have often heard this statement that individuals who have travelled a lot are more experienced and mature in most cases. It is something that I cannot generalize for everyone but I support the fact that individuals who have travelled more are more ready for life.

What makes those individuals so ready for life? It is the courage to accept change and getting accustomed to it. Wind blowing across your face as you sits next to the window seat in a bus or hot tea at 2:00 AM on deserted railway platform, travel has its own fantastic memories. One of the main reasons why travelling is fantastic is because of the memories that are created. These memories are way different from the ones that you have in your life.

I often planned to explore new places around and out of city to get to know about surroundings in a better way. For me exploring and travelling is something that everyone should indulge in. It makes you feel confident and independent. Traveling is fantastic and awesome in all the aspects.

When I first travelled alone to Mysore I was a little scared but now when I look back, I can without hesitation say that it was one of the finest memories that I have. From then on I have visited few places and with every trip I became a lot more confident and aware.

Travel little and explore a lot. Don’t miss the fantastico experience.

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