Thursday, 21 January 2016

Music: Art Of Living


What is music? Is it really related to the sound that is generated from the instruments or is it something more?
When I asked individuals about their hobbies, I have often come across this answer from individuals that they love to listen to music and name their favorite artists. For me music is not really something that you listen from great musicians or maestros. I will not deny the fact that the creation of those creative minds is music but it is not just plane sound, which is music.
Have you wondered how your favorite song would sound without all those pauses? How empty would be if the music did not have that elegance of pause, which gives that stability to the changing beats and tunes?
I am very sure that many of you have heard of this phrase “Nature playing its music” or “wind was singing to me”. Is it really something that has been said metaphorically or something that is observed keenly? I bet you cannot deny the fact the nature has its own music and the instrument she uses is just jaw dropping.
On a lazy summer afternoon birds chirping and the wind blowing on the deserted road. What is that sound, isn’t that a melody? If you have ever been on beach and paid attention to the sound of the waves, you could relate to the music I am talking about. A music that is not dependent on the instruments but a music that has beauty, which is not repeating itself, that is not created just to soothe few ears.
A kid laughing, wind blowing, lustful whisper and many more happenings of life can be music. Rustle of leaves on an old boulevard to honking of cars in a traffic jam, everything is music.
If the beauty lies in the eyes of the onlooker then music lies in the ears of the listener.
I play guitar and do treat the sound that is generated from it as music but also consider the pause in between the tunes as music. Music is beautiful and truly a stress buster. It gives time to you, to realize and contemplate on your being. For me it is really something in which I can find my reflection. It helps me unwind and let me focus on my being myself. It sets me straight.
As they say music is same everywhere because it has no language, no borders and no appearance of its own. You cannot differentiate between music as rich or poor or black or white. It is universal. If you ask me perfect definition of democracy then it has to be music because music is for everyone and anyone can contribute to it.
Music not only makes me happy, but it can also make sad, it can also scare me and it can also make me violent because music to me is emotion. Emotion that spreads without medium.
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