Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How To Turn Good Mornings In To Gold Mornings


I am a night owl who loves early mornings. When you wake up and listen to the world singing to you and slowly coming to life, you feel refreshed. Feeling refreshed is what makes a morning good for me. But for my idea of gold morning is slightly different from my idea of good morning. You can say it is a good morning with few add-ons.

A morning where I feel more than just refreshed, a morning where I can feel alive, a morning where you feel the sun rising within you, for me that is what makes a morning not just good but gold. My idea of that perfect gold morning would be having a sound sleep at night where I would go to the bed without worries and tensions of life. A sleep that would be as calm as the sea after a storm, so when I wake up the next morning I can welcome the sun and feel its warmth reaching my heart through the sun rays falling on my face.

On that perfect morning I would walk out of my house with my partner and my dog and feel the soothe wind blowing across my face. Listening to the birds chirp and see the birds getting out of their nests to fly in the open sky, with a hope. Waking up to a morning where I could hear the bells of the temple at a distance and prayer of mosques.

Talking to my partner about life and the serenity of the morning and looking at our dog enjoy himself in the park.  Happiness and feeling of being carefree on my four legged friend’s face as he rolls on the grass that is still wet from the dew and enjoy himself, that sight would elate me and make my morning a gold morning.

Coming home from that walk and brushing my teeth with amazing Colgate 360 charcoal toothbrush and Colgate active salt toothpaste. It gives me feeling of being fresh and makes my teeth free from any stuff that was leftover in my teeth from last night. It not just cleans my teeth but also cleans my tongue, cheeks and gums. It is one of the reasons why I would call my morning not just gold morning but #Colgate360GoldMornings. After brushing my teeth I would use Colgate plax as mouthwash.

After brushing my teeth with Colgate 360 charcoal toothbrush, I enjoy my cup of masala tea and light breakfast with my partner and having conversation with her. This is how I would love to enjoy myself and my morning and make it a gold morning. 

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