Saturday, 30 January 2016

Fantastico Human Beings

Many a times we see individuals trying to be someone they are not. They forget their true identity. They run for something they are not and even when they get there they only try to adjust. Life is not about adjusting but it is about living. They forget to live in the effort to become someone else.

We all are different and have different ideologies and that is what makes us fantastic. We all are not same and that is what has made us what we are. We have the ability to argue, which is sign of different thought process. If we would have never had our different thought processes then how life would have been. Our growth will halt the moment we all agree on something because that is when we would accept everything as the same. We would be stuck in the same monotonous life. This quality to think and apply logic of our own makes us fantastic beings.

When we try to become someone else that is the time we leave our ideology and our thought process. We all are fantastic beings and should stay the same way we are created. Our aim is to live life and contribute to the society the way we want.

If the human of Paleolithic era wouldn’t have experimented much with their lives then we all would have never got out of caves to houses. We are what we are not because of efforts a single individual but it is a combined effort. Everyone has done something for the society and if we stay the same we are then also we are making a decision for our life and for the generations that are going to come.

We all are fantastic individuals and there is no reason for you or for anyone to become someone you are not. If you are living in a cloak borrowed from someone than that is not worth living. Live with your identity, live with the thought you believe in. If Einstein would have tried to be someone else would we have got that rock star of scientist world or if Mozart would have followed someone else’s shadow would he have been able to shower the world with such beautiful melodies.

If you have a kid then go to him and tell him that he will not become the next Einstein or next Mozart or not Picasso but he would become the first. His achievement will not be put under the shadow of someone else. He would be have his own identity and will not live under an alias. He achieved the feat because he had a different thought process to achieve it.

Human beings are truly fantastico beings, so remain different and fantastic. Be fantastic in your own way and live a fantastic life. 

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