Friday, 22 January 2016

Music- Keep It Original

Music is one of those things which I guess everyone appreciates in some form or the other. What is that about music, which makes it one of the most appreciated things? The answer lies in the simplicity and complexity at the same time. There are various songs that would just seem so simple and their tune flows like a water but the hours that have been invested and the intricate stitching of notes to create that gem is something that is clandestine most of the times.

It is said that music has no language and is independent of borders. It is right because music like any art form is created to appeal to individuals all round the globe. It is not really something that is been created to cater a specific audience. Although people have different choice when it comes to music they like but no one can deny the fact that a lot of effort and thought goes behind that process of creation.

Still I would agree to the fact that pure music is something that is not witnessed quite often and whatever we listen to is a commercialized aspect of it. Blaming those artists for creating music that satiates few specific ears isn’t something I support because it is absolutely normal to supply the music that people demand and make bucks out of it. We need to have respect to all the artists irrespective of whether we like them or not. There is one artist who needs to be reprimanded for his music and that artist is the one who steals music and call it inspiration. Those individuals are nothing but thieves, who make living out of the creativity of others. Being a blogger I know how bad plagiarism is. There are many individuals who just blindly copy the creative capital of someone and post it as their own.

Music being a universal language needs to be kept free from such individuals who do not have a creative nerve. The hard work that goes into creating something can never be compensated by someone who is just blindly copying the ideas.

Music is an awesome way of relaxation. People have accepted that music has such a deep impact on them that their mood depends on the song they listen too. I second their statement that music can change your mood. When I feel restless I just plug in my earphone in mobile and just blast my ears with heavy metal and it helps. I can actually feel better after listening to those songs. In the same way soulful instrumental gives you an insight of yourself. I find it really inspiring to listen to soulful music because it helps me introspect.

I feel that music being such a therapy and so pure and universal, it should be copied or should fall victim of plagiarism. Creativity is for everyone but not for stealing. 

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