Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Impactful AIB And TVF

AIB and TVF are the crusaders of the internet entertainment. They have helped individuals in realizing the potential of internet and how it is truly a sacred platform for the freedom of expression. They have paved way for many and it is not just by a stroke of luck but by their determination and hard work they had put in their work for the entertainment of others.

When we see the content of both entertainment channels i.e. AIB and TVF it feels refreshing and the reason for that is the originality and a hint of reality. Their jokes are work of art. In their acts emphasize is given on the overall aspect of a joke i.e. how it should be said and how to be acted on it. Their videos show how subtly they pick up their subject and how much they work on the writing and execution aspect of it.

They had great impact on individuals and their thought process. When we watch the videos posted by them it feels appealing because it is more of less related to the way we carry ourselves in our lives. For an instance let us take the example of the video which deals with the stuff that engineers say and do. Well that is true and also a little exaggerated. That is the beauty of their videos; they pick up minutiae and make them impressive.

The honest series by AIB is also one of the fine examples of their observation. It is not politically correct but yet so correct. There are various layers in different customs and rituals but they use those layers of conversations as jokes. They point out the hypocrite that lives inside all of us and yet we don’t feel offended.

They are the leaders of the freedom of expression. They don’t abuse the freedom but stop others from doing it. They also deliberately make the individuals aware about their abilities and hold the mirror in front of them.

A recent video about net neutrality by AIB shows that these guys are not just about cuss and profanity but are also among those who stand for the right. They are the ones who take step for you and arm you to make the change. They created the buzz for net neutrality and made it into a movement.

In the same way they also gave individuals confidence that anything is possible and why it is rewarding to follow your dreams. They showed the real power of internet to individuals and how you can use that power to make something out of you. They taught individuals on how to use the platform to express and do what you like.

They have impacted the youth and society in a real profound way. They proved that today’s generation is not just about Honey Singh, booze and party all night. Today’s generation is ready to make change and is determined to bring the change. With their hard work they showed that this generation will not sit quietly but bring change.

They are the walking with torch of change and impacting many with that. 

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