Friday, 22 January 2016

Be Peppy Be Happy

Do you have any friend who is a pure bundle of energy? I guess everyone have such kind of friends. They are those individuals who resonate energy. They make even the most trivial of the things interesting with their sheer enthusiasm and energy. It is fun to be with these individuals. I can recall that most of the amazing and interesting memories that I had during my college life was because of those peppy beings. It feels as if they are made of a different material all together. They would bring light to the gloomiest of the settings.
I had one friend who was power house of energy. It is not just about the physical aspect of energy. The way he spoke about the most trivial of the things and making it sound most interesting thing in the world was his quality. You could see individuals opening up to him in no time.
Peppy is more of choice. You can be that peppy being who brings energy to the dull setting and light up the whole place. It is often seen that people who were once enthusiastic and full of energy turning into something they are not.
In recent times a movie was released where the protagonist had these weird side, which he never revealed to anyone. He hid it deep beneath the fake character that he played in his life. He was not acting the way he was but he was acting the way people around him wanted to. It is quite a common phenomenon that we stop ourselves from doing things our own way because of others. Sometimes we care too often about others, about society that we stop caring about ourselves. As that movie suggested, we just become a machine assigned to do a task, without logic, without creativity.
There was a time in childhood, when people used to come up to you and ask what you wanted to be, to which few used to answer doctor, engineer, IAS but very few said dancer, actor, singer, musician. When we used to answer that question, did we really answered it because we wanted to be doctors and engineers or we were just reiterating the things that people around us wanted to say.
Many of the individuals grow up to be nothing but a machine which is performing tasks assigned to it. We miss on the opportunity of being peppy and happy. Sometimes you got to unwind yourself and indulge into activities that you love and fell peppy and happy about it.
Peppy is not something that is reserved for a certain age group but it is an emotion, a feeling you can enjoy at any time of your life. Be peppy and spread the energy.

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