Saturday, 23 January 2016

She Is My Music


She was one heck of a girl for me. She was there when I needed someone most in my life. She understands me and me respects me for what I am. If you have a partner who understands you, respects you, trusts you and pledges to be with you whatever the situation is then I bet you my friend, you got a keeper.

It was December and that was when I first heard the music, the music of love. It was so complicated and yet so neat. It seemed as if I am listening to the most perfect note of my life. She was the melody that I would play all my life.

I have seen my friends getting in relationship and ruining precious years of their lives. They misunderstand the alarm of danger to music of life. Through her, life speaks to you and for me it was not just speaking to me, it was singing to me. I knew that chords have been struck and song has been made for life.

It is not that we had never hit wrong notes in life. There were times when we got stuck in some really gross situations. But whenever we got stuck or felt unsure, we searched for the right notes. We realigned our lives and realigned ourselves to come out better and stronger then we were.

Like how music can help you distress you and make you forget everything the same way she made me forget all my worries, disappointments. She just like music guided my mood. She became reflection of my emotions and I became hers. We liked not only each other’s company, each other’s words but we liked each other’s silence too. We both knew what we valued and our conversations helped us in knowing each other better. We disagree and debate but we never disapprove each other’s right to have an opinion. We respect each other’s views.

 I know there was a time when we reached to the point as if we were going to break apart but then something magical happened. She called me and started reading a letter that I sent her whiles we were only two months old in the relationship. I listened to her and as the letter finished we disconnected calls from our end and did not speak for two straight days and then came the third day. There it was she and me sitting face to face at favorite table in a local coffee shop with the same pastry and same coffee that we ordered when we first visited that place.

When I look back, I notice how far we have come and how smoothly those years have gone past. The life was playing with a perfect soothe background music and we walked together the whole time hand in hand.

She is the music of my life and a song that I hum all the time. 
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