Saturday, 30 January 2016

Impact Of Net Neutrality

Internet is a very important part of life. Since its advent it has grown and our understanding of this wonderful innovation has also grown. With internet now individuals can voice their opinion and make a change. Internet has made live of individuals easier and not only that, it has created new jobs, made individuals open to the whole world. Internet has really made the world feel small. It does not cater a particular group of individuals but it caters masses. With internet you can indulge in the activities you like.

But now internet is under a danger. It has come under the radar of those business houses whose sole aim to make profit out of everything. They are now planning to kill the feature which made internet what it is today. Those individuals are planning to kill to the openness that internet offers to its users. They don’t want internet to remain as a sacred medium but want to spoil it with their filth.

There was buzz about the term some time ago on the news and even on the internet about something called net neutrality. Net neutrality is about treating each website or web service as same to others. Service providers were planning to charge differently for different web services and different web applications. That means that if you want to use whatsapp then you need to buy a different data pack other than your net pack, in the same way if you want to use Facebook then you need to buy other data pack for social networking sites or especially Facebook.

Such kind of special tariffs for different web services makes the internet biased. Net neutrality means that all the services should be treated equally. You might have heard of the term free basics on Facebook. It shows that basic version of internet will be provided to people of all classes to India. It might sound nice but the devil lies in the detail. By supporting this initiative we are agreeing to the fact that a separate internet should be created that would be run by Facebook. Internet owned by Facebook. Do you think then will Facebook allow other social networking site to come into the market. This would kill the competition and you only have access to the select sites whom Facebook allows.

There was also a deal that was going to take place between a service provider and an e-commerce website. The deal was that the service provider would load that particular e-commerce giant’s website or app quickly. That means no neutrality and a biased edge to that particular website over other. Will that be fair to those firms who don’t have deep pockets to buy this service from the service providers?

A lot of things have been written about the net neutrality and you can have access to the material by searching it over our open internet. I guess the impact of net neutrality has been properly showcased in this blog. You can refer net for more information.

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