Saturday, 30 January 2016

Life Is A Song

Life has been given various metaphors and one such metaphor is song. People say life is like a song and is not over till you hit you sing your final note and leave the stage. Why such a metaphor is used for life? Is there any special reason for it just an artistic creation? There are people who use art to describe life but are not able to give any strong reason behind their thought.

Life is like a song because it just flows like a song. In a song sometimes notes and lyrics will be repeated in the same way life would play the same note for some time and then change it. The only difference between in life and a song is that songs show a single emotion but same is not applicable for life. Life has all kind of emotions but a song cannot have all the emotions, all the notes.

For me life is like a music album. An album that has diverse range of emotions, that has songs relating to various feelings that one faces in life. Life would have different tunes and you create lyrics on those tunes. You create the song by living your life. Song is a metaphor for life because music describes the emotions that we feel while lyrics are the actions that give meaning to the song.

Music is an integral part of a song. Music has the power to express. When you hear a music piece you can feel the emotions musician tries to convey. Just by listening to the music you can feel the emotions which can be anger, love, peace or anything under the sun. In life we go through various emotions and feelings and when we go through those emotions they have certain music associated with them. This music makes the base for the album called life.

How every song has music in the same way everyone in the world are having a song of their own but their music can have notes same as you. It is their actions that give meaning to songs in the form of lyrics. Not all sad songs are same in the same way all the rock songs are also different. Everyone has got a different album and that is what makes us all fantastic.

Those albums are fantastic and are our true identity. They reflect your actions and show real you to the whole world. There would be some albums about which you would hear a lot and there would also be some who are never spoken of.

Be sure to make your album a bestselling and sells even after your last song is recorded. Then only you can say that you have chosen the right lyrics and people understand the meaning of the song and propagate it further. 

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