Thursday, 21 January 2016

Impact- A Ripple Effect


We all are created to do something. That something can be really anything. It can be leading the nation by being the Prime Minister or it can be being a sweeper and making society cleaner. But what is important part of life is doing something not for the sake of yourself but also for others. It is about having the positive impact on life of others.
From ages we have been hearing this phrase “Human beings are social animals”. What does the term social refers to in this phrase. Is it something like living in a group or having get together or throwing parties or is it something else?
Being social does not really mean having X number of friends or having Y number of friends on Facebook. It is more about having positive impact on life of others. It is more or less related to working for the betterment of yourself along with the society. If human beings would have kept all the knowledge they got to themselves then what the world would have been like. I guess who would have never come to know of the fact that earth is round and also we wouldn’t have been able to identify ourselves too.
I have a friend who, who once told me a story about making the difference and having positive impact on someone’s life. There was a person who used to live in his neighborhood and sweep his parking space and also the road in front of his house. He was mocked by few in the starting but eventually the whole neighborhood joined hands and swept the road daily. The whole society was cleaning the roads, making it one of cleanest societies of the city.
That person did not require great effort or a lot of resources. He indulged in the activity he felt right about and eventually everyone started following him. There is one term that I have used quite often in this blog, which is “positive impact”. Having impact on others life can be anything from good to bad, what is important is that a person should work on having positive impacts on other’s life.
That action can be as simple as planting a small tree or adopting a stray dog or giving free lectures. It can be anything under the sun. As people say a good deed is like a ripple effect. No deed done with good intention is big or small. Get out of your house and pick a banana peel from road and trash it in dustbin, which is also a good deed.
There is so much in life that you can do. It don’t always need a great mansion or good bank balance to do well to others. No one is asking you to give away yourself for others but it is the thought that counts. Spreading the awareness about something also a good deed. If you feel like indulging in a good deed and having positive impact on someone’s life after reading this blog then I would feel that I have also done something that had positive impact.
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