Friday, 22 January 2016

Peppy Pets


How awesome it is to have pets. They are those beings which are always there for you. They are just darlings sitting on your lap and making you forget all your worries. Many a times we act childish and stupid just to irk our non-human friends. How often have you done that when you were with your friends or your family? How often you have done something for which you will not be judged? I guess many of think before act, which is a good thing but if we continue to live in the same way without any emotions then it is utterly wrong. The reason we do all the crazy stuff in front of our non-human friends is just for one simple reason and that is trust. We know that they will not judge us and would always be on our side.

I had a dog named dusty. He was one notorious fellow. He would rip newspapers and would chew off our sandals but still he was our darling. Everyone in our house loved him. I remember one incident when our family went out for a party for two hours and left him alone in the home. When we returned he made an upset face. It took us about half an hour to make him normal. He kept his head low and didn’t look into our eyes. Finally it was his favorite treat that came to the rescue.

Pets are peppy and with them you also feel the same way. They fill you with the same energy that they possess. If you never had a pet then you are surely missing something in your life. People often consider their pets as part of their family and it is for no reason. They fill your heart with joy.

When you come home after a long tiring day and your boss has yelled at you for something and you see your dog running up to you in the same old peppy way and you forget all your tiredness when he comes to you and keep his head on your lap.

You sitting on your chair and feeling bored and suddenly you feeling someone trying to snuggle in and you see it’s your cat. You just cannot get mad at her for it. Pets are someone who cares for you much more than you do for yourself.

Pets are peppy who fill you up with the same peppiness. I remember correctly that my dog used to jump and down in front of my dad when he used to come from office and will not settle down until my dad would pick him up and keep him on his lap and pat him. How good feels it to know that someone is waiting for you to come home and welcomes you with the same affection every time.

Pets are really peppy beings, have one to experience it.

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